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Caledonia Michigan Top Best Buy Homes - May 2010


We have gathered a list of the Top Best Buy Caledonia Michigan

 Houses to buy based on price per square foot.   Price per square

foot is a great leveler.  If two similar homes are listed at similar prices,

their price per square foot should be similar.  The price should

reflect the interior finish of the  home.  

 For example, if it has crystal chandeliers,marble tile, & a new

kitchen, this would be more per square foot than a home that

 still has the 1970’s decor and/or is in derelict condition.

Please note that this list can change daily as some homes

sell, prices are adjusted and other homes come on the market.

Check back often or just subscribe to our blog to get

up-to-date local real estate information that you want to know.

Caledonia Public Library Caledonia MI

                                Caledonia Public Library

The total square footage is noted here, although only the

main floors are used to figure price per square foot.

Lowest price/Sq Ft range from $38.68 to $89.29 in Caledonia.

May 2010   TOP BEST BUY Caledonia MI Homes

Highest list price is $320,000 Lowest list price is $62,000

The Top 25 Caledonia Homes to Buy by Price/Square Foot:

6919 Hammond Ave    $ 62,000     1603 Sq Ft   $38.68/SqFt

6658 Hanna Lake Ave  $ 75,000     1612 Sq Ft   $67.45/SqFt

8935 Croniger St SE     $80,000      1325 Sq Ft   $83.33/SqFt

8601 Acorn St             $ 84,900      998 Sq Ft    $85.07/SqFt

3526 68th St SE           $ 89,900     1140 Sq Ft   $78.86/SqFt


513 Kinsey Ave SE       $104,900    1242 SqFt    $84.46/SqFt

2100 92nd St SE          $109,500    1300 Sq Ft   $84.23/SqFt

401 Emmons St SE      $119,900    1578 Sq Ft   $75.98/SqFt

7050 84th St SE           $125,000    1400 Sq Ft   $89.29/SqFt

213 Johnson St SE       $129,900    1942 SqFt   $66.89/SqFt


8956 Braden St SE       $129,900    1619 Sq Ft   $80.23/SqFt

3009 76th St SE           $129,900   1650 Sq Ft    $78.73/SqFt

328 E Main St SE          $132,000    1680 SqFt   $78.57/SqFt

1648 Crescent Pointe   $144,900     2047 Sq Ft  $70.79/SqFt

4508 Rolling Ridge Dr    $148,326    2070 Sq Ft   $71.66/SqFt


308 Elm St SE               $149,500     2907 Sq Ft   $83.19/SqFt

429 Emmons St SE        $149,500    2370 Sq Ft   $74.82/SqFt

6101 N Costner Ct SE    $159,900    1926 Sq Ft   $83.02/SqFt

444 Green Ridge Dr      $160,000     2140 Sq Ft   $74.77/SqFt


9615 Scotsmoor Dr SE  $164,900     2140 SqFt    $77.06/SqFt

8706 Alaska Ave SE      $169,900     3121 Sq Ft   $54.44/SqFt

327 Johnson St            $178,500     3000 Sq Ft   $59.50/SqFt

9585 Kalamazoo Ave     $198,500    2500 Sq Ft   $79.40/SqFt

323 Johnson St SE        $212,900   3800 Sq Ft    $73.59/SqFt

8909 Kraft Ave SE        $320,000    4617 Sq Ft    $69.31/SqFt


With only 5 homes priced under $100K, we are starting

to see prices on the way up, so if you have been waiting

for the best time to buy  in Caledonia, don’t wait much longer.

The Buyers Tax Credit has expired for First Time Buyers &

homeowners who have lived in their homes for the past 5 of

8 years. This tax credit is still available for military who have

been serving overseas and unable to take advantage of the

tax credit.   

NOW is the best time to buy a Caledonia home, interest rates

are low and inventory is still high.

*Some of these homes may be bank owned foreclosures and

not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present condition.*


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This is a really great line up of homes, Terry, with the PPSF included!  Some serious "good buys" on the list!

Wake Forest NC House Chick

Posted by Leesa Finley, RED Properties - Raleigh NC Real Estate (RED Properties) about 10 years ago

Great list, hope buyers are paying attention.

Posted by Loan Survivor Real Estate Financing Expert (Purchases, First Time Buyers, Pre-Approvals, Refinance) about 10 years ago

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