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East Grand Rapids Michigan Top Best Buy Homes July 2011

East Grand Rapids Michigan Top Best Buy Homes July 2011

This is our list of the Top Best Buy East Grand Rapids Houses

to buy based on price/square foot.  Price per square foot is a

great leveler.  If two similar homes are listed at similar prices,

their price per square foot should be similar and it should reflect

the interior finish of the home.  East GR has homes listed at almost

$500/ Sq Ft and under $100/Sq Ft, so the range here is wide.

For example, if it has crystal chandeliers, wood flooring, a new

kitchen, this would be more value per square foot than a home

that still has the 1980’s decor and/or is in derelict condition.

Please note that this list can change daily as some homes sell, prices

are adjusted and other homes come on the market.  If you would like

to sign up for daily new listing email, just contact Terry.  You can also

sign up for saved searches on our website.  This saves your profile

search and lets you monitor and control your search details.



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July 2011 –  TOP BEST BUY East Grand Rapids Homes

The Top East GR Homes to Buy by Price per Square Foot:

2216 Audubon             $71,500       882 Sq Ft     $81.07/SqFt

2246 Estelle                 $104,000    1070 Sq Ft   $97.20/SqFt

1600 Wealthy St SE   $119,900     1248 Sq Ft   $96.07/SqFt

2450 Gilmour St          $121,900     1500 Sq Ft   $81.27/SqFt

2147 Hall St                 $137,500     1198 Sq Ft   $114.77/SqFt



1112 Eastwood           $139,000     1275 Sq Ft   $109.02/SqFt

2543 Richards Dr       $139,900     1400 Sq Ft    $99.93/SqFt

2543 Lake Dr              $140,000     1754 Sq Ft    $79.82/SqFt

2151 Tenway             $141,900    1396 Sq Ft    $101.65/SqFt

2234 Argentina          $149,900    1339 Sq Ft    $111.95/SqFt

1058 Orchard Ave      $149,900    1335 Sq Ft    $112.28/SqFt






2144 Hall St SE          $164,900     1742 Sq Ft    $94.66/SqFt

2405 Oakwood Dr     $165,000      1786 Sq Ft   $92.39/SqFt

2050 Tenway             $169,900     1520 Sq Ft    $119.99/SqFt

1045 Lakeside Dr      $174,900     1520 Sq Ft    $115.07/SqFt

1245 Woodshire        $199,750     2248 Sq Ft    $88.46/SqFt







319 Kingswood Rd      $209,000      1796 SQ Ft    $116.97/SqFt

1753 Breton Ave         $210,000      2740 Sq Ft    $76.64/SqFt

1555 Edgewood Ave   $212,000     2123 Sq Ft    $99.44/SqFt

541-3 Greenwood       $244,900    3676 Sq Ft    $66.62/SqFt

2254 Brighton Dr         $269,900    2250 Sq Ft    $119.96/SqFt


1447 Woodcliff Ave    $274,900     2861 Sq Ft    $96.09/SqFt




1563 Edgewood           $ 294,900    2779 Sq Ft     $106.12/SqFt

2733 Maplewood Dr     $295,000    2746 Sq Ft    $107.43/SqFt

3131 Lake Dr                $319,900    3300 Sq Ft     $96.94/SqFt

2649 Boston St SE      $425,000    3666 Sq Ft    $115.93/SqFt






22 Pending, 0 Sold in the last month in EGR

Average Sale List Price  $ 253,762


Home sales have increased this month, home inventory

is  moving in East GR.  Distressed properties are still popping up

but much scarcer than other areas around GR.  Price per square

foot is moving up slowly but can be affected by higher priced homes.



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not habitable as is or available for a mortgage in present

condition.  Sold-As-Is*




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